Steel Bushings Production

Steel Bushings Production
Steel Bushings Production

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Here’s who we are

We have been manufacturers of steel bushings for over 45 years. Our production is automated, utilizing cutting-edge technology with a keen attention to detail and precision. We can customize our bushings with specific treatments to meet your needs. Moreover, we assure 100% Made in Italy quality and pay the utmost attention to the treatment of raw materials.
We produced over a 1,6 milion bushings last year, a number that allowes us significant economies of scale.
We ship to the five continents, we assure quality and 100% made in Italy.

Contact us to have our total assistance, from the technical area to customer service to logistics. Our clients are long term partners: we work and grow together with them.

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“Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail”
Leonardo Da Vinci