Mission Vision and Values

mission sibo
logo made in italy
mission sibo
logo made in italy
logo made in italy


“Our aim is to get the difference for your business”.


Thanks to our experience, our team and our values, we seek to help our customers create their products by relying on technology that is increasingly advanced and reliable over time, providing solutions and assistance to our partners worldwide.
The freedom to be who you are in the best possible way.


• QUALITY: we are constantly improving the reliability of our products through continuous investment in cutting-edge technologies, the use of special steels produced to SIBO specifications, Heat Treatments designed to maximise the technical characteristics of the bushing, integrated management system, continuous in-process and final controls on the product.

• HEALTH AND SAFETY OF WORKERS: our priority is our employees and the safeguarding of their health and safety at work.

• RELIABILITY: we guarantee a constant supply over time.

• SERVICE: the customer’s needs are our needs.

• INNOVATION: we have a laboratory of Research and Development with a team of engineers that constantly collaborates with the University of Bologna Mechanical Engineering and Metallurgical Chemistry.

• ECOLOGY: our production process is environmentally friendly.

• ETHICS: we guarantee a suitable environment in addition to the compliance with labour standards for all the employees and associates of SIBO.

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