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The needs of our customers have resulted in the new B.EVO bushing, an innovative product that will meet the needs of the most demanding customer.
This special bushing is designed to have a longer life and a lower friction coefficient. The special combination of more specific treatments make it exceptionally resistant to wear and seizure. In addition, the special internal grooves allow excellent distribution of the lubrication that ensures continuous and homogeneous lubrication.


Case hardening steel E410 (EN10305), alternatively E470 (EN10297).

Dimensional range of bushings

From internal diameter 60 mm
To internal diameter 250mm


The combination of heat treatments and the special grooves and knurls of the internal surface of the bush make the B-EVO bushes suitable for:

high specific loads and wide rotation angles between bushing and pin;
difficult lubrication of the bushing, not accessible by a greasing system, so a high and long-lasting reserve of grease between the bush and the pin is required.

Heat treatment

The B-EVO bushes undergo different combinations of heat treatment cycles, that modify the chemical and morphological composition of the surface layer. The enriching agents improve the mechanical performances, resistance to fatigue, with the following advantages:

increased surface hardness;
increased resistance to adhesive wear and mechanical abrasion;
increased resistance to high intensity pressures;
increased resistance to surface oxidation;
reduced friction coefficient between the bush and the pin during the life of the bush;
reduced risk of seizure phenomena between bushing and pin.

Geometry of the internal surface

Compared to a standard bush with spiral grooves, the B-EVO bushing geometry of the internal surface delivers:

a bigger grease reserve.
a consistent grease distribution on the whole internal surface of the bush
an optimal cooling of the pin-bushing system.