Earthmoving Machine

Earthmoving refers to all those operations that involve the movement or removal of large quantities of earth or debris. These operations are necessary to prepare a site for construction or to carry out engineering works such as houses, roads, dams, foundations, and canals. In a general sense, therefore, earthmoving embraces a wide variety of sectors and uses.

Most Used Earthmoving Machines

Excavators: Excavators are versatile and fundamental machines for various activities. They can be of different sizes and are used for the excavation of earth, rocks, and debris. Depending on the terrain and uses, excavators can be wheeled or tracked.
Loaders: Loaders are machines used to move large quantities of material such as earth, gravel, and debris. They are equipped with a large front shovel of variable sizes.
Bulldozer: Bulldozers are powerful machines used to push, pull, or level large quantities of earth and are equipped with a large front blade.
Compactors: Compactors are machines used to compact and level the ground. They are commonly used in road construction, paving operations, and ground preparation works.
Dumpers: Dumpers are trucks that are used to transport materials over long distances.
Graders: Graders are used to level and shape the ground. They are equipped with a long and adjustable blade mounted on the front.

Top Earthmoving Machine Manufacturers.

There are several companies specialized in the sector: Yanmar, Volvo, Komatsu and JCB, Kobota and Case. As for Italian brands, we can mention historical companies like Merlo and VF Venieri.

Uses of Bushings in Earthmoving Machines

Bushings in the earthmoving sector play an essential role in ensuring the proper functioning of machines and improving their lifespan. They are used as interface elements between mechanical parts, allowing smooth movements, reducing wear, and improving machine efficiency. The choice of high-quality bushings and regular lubrication are fundamental to keeping machines in excellent operating conditions.

They are made in a variety of materials, including steel, bronze, brass, and plastic. The material of the bushings is chosen based on the specific application. Steel is a widely used material, as it is resistant and durable. Bronze is appreciated, as it is very resistant to corrosion. Brass is a softer material, which offers good wear resistance. Plastic is a lightweight material, which is often used in applications with not excessive loads.

Our hardened steel bushings are used in a variety of applications in the earthmoving sector, including:

  • Excavator arms: bushings are used to connect the excavator arm to the machine frame.
  • Hydraulic cylinders: used to connect the hydraulic cylinders to the machine components.
  • Attachments and equipment: bushings are used to connect the various equipment (drills, lifters, crushers) to the machine frame.

As for quick repairs, we have developed the Jolly bushing that can be worked to reach the perfect size and be inserted into the seat without welding works.

Here you find a technical sheet of the Jolly and here instead a video tutorial on how to use it and how advantageous it is to always have it in stock.

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