boccole settore minerario
boccole settore minerario

The mining sector is known to be one of the most challenging and tough in the industrial world. The machines must be able to withstand the most extreme conditions, such as moving large amounts of earth, rocks, and debris, in addition to vibrations and mechanical stresses. It’s a very vast market, it includes the extraction of metals, fossil fuels, minerals, and rocks. Extraction and processing take place either on the surface or underground and the machines used are the most diverse. The main global markets for mining are Australia, South America, and Africa.

Most Used Machines in the Mining Sector

The most common machines in mines:


it’s the basic means for those working in earthmoving and drilling, it’s versatile and can be of different sizes and often mounts steel bushings.


powerful and imposing machine, it’s useful for moving large quantities of rocks and minerals.

Mining truck

mining trucks are special vehicles designed to transport large quantities of material. They are usually large in size and can transport hundreds of tons of material.


drills are used to drill the ground and create holes for the insertion of explosives or for drilling wells for the extraction of oil or natural gas.
Bushings are the interface elements between the mechanical parts of the machines, such as the excavator arms, the tracks, and the suspension system. Bushings can be of different materials, such as steel, brass, bronze, or synthetic.

Mining Bushings: Uses and Names

The bushings used in mining equipment must be resistant and withstand a heavy load and work in an extremely harsh working environment. In addition, regular lubrication is essential to ensure a safe and efficient operation. Bushings are used in many parts of mining machines, including the excavator arm, the tracks, and the suspension system. Their main role is to reduce wear and noise, improving the precision of movement and the lifespan of the moving parts. The bushing as a spare part takes on different names depending on the sector, the country, and the point where it’s mounted or on the typical jargon of that work area. On drilling machines, they can be called drilling bushings, while those mounted on hydraulic cylinders, are known as spacers, hydraulic bushings, cylinder bushings, etc. The bushings inside the cylinder, to make it brake gradually, are usually called brake bushings, shock absorbers, dumping cones.

Our Bushings in the Mining Sector

The most used Sibo bushings in the sector are:

  • The standard ones mounted on the earthmoving machines, excavators, loaders, etc.
  • The cushion bushings mounted inside the hydraulic cylinders, essential for the operation of lifters, cranes, and mechanical arms.
  • The Evo Series, both for underground and surface equipment, and customizable on request.
  • The Jolly series, recommended for those who care about prevention and caution: the Jolly bushings are repair bushings, that allow a quick replacement without the need to bring the machine back to the yard or repair shop. To better understand this last type of bushings, you’ll find here our product sheet, and a tutorial video, that illustrates their use.

Mining Machines Most Sold Brands

In the vast mining and drilling sector, there are numerous companies specialized in the production of machinery. Some are focused on earthmoving, while others are more specific for the mining industry. As for earthmoving, the main brands include Caterpillar, Komatsu, Sany, John Deere, and Kubota.
On the other hand, there are companies that focus more specifically on the mining industry. Among these we find Sandvik, Terex, Epiroc and Atlas Copco.