Steel Bushing Features

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Sibo items are the outcome of years of experience, of ongoing investments in research and development, as well as groundbreaking machinery that guarantee “one of a kind” products. Our steel bushings are a combination of raw material made according to Sibo specifications and purpose-designed heat treatments to better enhance the mechanical features of the piece; this means that our products’ performance is high, offers a longer service life and greasing intervals of up to a maximum of 550 h. Strict controls are carried out throughout the whole manufacturing process right from the stage of incoming raw material to finished product, packing and dispatch to assure the respect of the required specifications.

• Standard Bushings
• Cushion Bushings
• Flange Bushes
• Special Bushings


Thanks to their characteristics, Sibo bushings are usually employed as a protection against wear on all coupling systems having a low rotation speed combined with a high specific pressure, where bearings, shafts, pins and coupling bolts can be easily replaced.
It is advisable to treat pins or shafts with surface hardening (C45 can fit the purpose) and machine them to tolerance H7. For a correct mounting of our bushes we recommend to machine their housing according to tolerance H7 (or max. H8).
When the bushes are due to work under heavy friction conditions, they should be fitted in such a way as to prevent them from any radial or axial movement.


Sibo guarantees the consistency of its products’ quality by using special steel with controlled chemistry yoke. This means that the chemical/physical features of the product are maintained for each lot and a preset casehardening depth is always ensured.
The standard material is steel type E410, classified by the international standard EN10305, for diameters from Ø 30 mm to Ø 115 (SIBO specifications); for all the other larger or special dimensions, the steel used may be either E355 (former Fe510, standard EN10297) or E470 (standard EN 10297).
In order to guarantee prompt delivery to our customers we have in stock raw material worth >400 ton.

The standard raw materials are:
– Steel E410 (EN 10305) Werkst. N° 1.0509
– Steel 16MnCr5 (EN10305) Werkst. N° 1.7131
– Material used in the production of non-standard dimension bushes with outer Ø >115 mm):
– Steel E355 (EN10297) Werkst. N° 1.0580 – Steel E470 (EN10297) Werkst. N° 1.0536


Over 60,000 pieces (subject to prior sale) are available on stock in order to always guarantee prompt deliveries to our customers.
The average delivery time is about 2-3 days. Urgent shipments can be arranged. To meet its customer needs, Sibo is able to study and agree a customised stock availability.


Each environment requires its own specific bushing with suitable treatments to provide maximum performance under all circumstances.
Our team of technicians is available to identify the treatment that is best suited for the application specified by the bushing of the customer.
Some of the treatments that Sibo is able to offer include: parcolubrite, Nimox, Tennifer, Molicote and many others.