RAW Bushings

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boccole raw
logo made in italy
logo made in italy

RAW Bushing™ has been created to answer some of our customers’ needs and it is an intelligent product that combines product simplicity and the highest efficiency and reliability to respond to basic stress conditions.


E410 steel (EN10305) or E470 (EN10297)

Size range

from inner diameter Ø20
to outer diameter Ø90

Heat treatment

Specific thermochemical treatment in atmosphere of gaseous ammonia and carburizing gas that allows:

high surface hardness,
good resistance to friction and wear,
excellent corrosion resistance.


RAW™ bushing is suitable to resist high stress in static or semi-static applications thanks to its simple geometry and the special heat treatment. It can be used in agricultural or earth-moving machinery such as in: ploughs, spider excavators, polyp grabs, mowing buckets, hydraulic lifting cylinders, brushcutters, hedge trimmers and lifting platforms.