Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinder spacer
Hydraulic cylinder spacer

Hydraulic cylinders, or hydraulic rams, convert the kinetic energy of a fluid into mechanical energy. There are numerous types of cylinders, but for simplicity, they can be divided into two main categories:

  • Single-acting cylinders, which generate force exclusively in one direction.
  • Double-acting cylinders, which generate force in both directions.

Hydraulic cylinders find diverse applications and are crucial for the movement of excavator arms, lifters, aerial platforms, tippers, and presses.

Hydraulic Cylinders Bushings

Bushings in Hydraulic Cylinders Bushings can be mounted inside and outside the cylinder. Our standard and Evo bushings are typically mounted on the cylinder head at pivot points. Bushings placed at pivot points are often called pivot bushings, head bushings, or rod end bushings. Cushion bushings (or dumping cones), are used inside hydraulic cylinders, they allow gradual damping of the cylinder rod, preventing abrupt stops and jolts to the machine. Manufacturing these components requires high precision and stringent quality standards.

They are also known as Shock-absorbing bushings, brake bearings or hydraulic cylinder spacers.

In summary, hydraulic cylinders are essential devices for converting hydraulic energy into mechanical energy and are employed in a wide range of applications. Bushings play a crucial role in ensuring their safety and proper functioning.