Company Policy

S.I.BO is committed towards the improvement of the production process and the quality of our products respecting the environment and creating a healthy and safe workplace. We understand our obligations towards the society and the environment. Therefore our Sistema Gestione Integrato Qualità Ambiente Sicurezza ( Integrated System for the Management of Quality, Environment and Safety) is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 e OHSAS 18001:2007 and has gained the Certification in March 2010. This system, which aims to improve our competition in the market of quality products, implies a global or process approach to the customer’s requirements, and the utmost care for the environment and for industrial safety so that to understand and satisfy our customers and employees’ expectations. We make continuous efforts to fulfill the following principles:
•compliance with the law, compulsory regulations and company rules;
•acknowledging the central role of our customers overcoming the market’s expectations and satisfying any requirements according to our global service;
•improving our organization through low bureaucracy, high dynamism, appreciation of human resources;
•improving our production processes and our products while looking for the right balance among environmental impact, industrial safety and economic growth;
•reinforcing the partnership with our customers through increasing our market quotation, and meeting our obligations as far as the quality of our products and delivery terms;
•care for the environment, industrial safety, and healthy workplace to prevent risks;
•collaboration with customers, suppliers, local authorities, supervisory authorities, and social forces to deal with environmental problems along with industrial safety, and healthy workplace;
•adopting means to avoid safety and healthy risks in the production process;
•spreading quality culture, care for the environment, for safety and health in workplaces against any racial, religious, ideological intolerance.

A RGQ manager has been appointed to supervise the program set to reach the above said objectives. We strongly believe that our policy will lead to the betterment both of the company and human health.

Calderara di Reno, 29 February 2011
The Head Office