Company Policy


SIBO management is committed with its Organization to improve the business processes and the products’ quality. SIBO aims at the maximum environmental efficiency and the minimum risk on workplace, promoting health, safety and environmental protection through a sustainable development, by controlling the negative effects on the environment and on human beings.

Following this vision, SIBO decided to opt for the Integrated Quality, Safety and Environmental Management System, according to the standards UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 e BS OHSAS 18001:2007.

The Integrated Quality Safety and Environmental Management System establishes both a global and a specific process approach to customers, and the maximum commitment and care towards the environment, the workplace, health and safety. The aim is to satisfy the expectations of all the interested parties and to increase their satisfaction.

Such vision allows us to continuously improve our competitiveness on the market with “quality products” produced reducing any possible negative effect on environment and human beings.

The Company commits to assess the territorial, business, economic, social and normative aspects, in order to identify the causes and the agents that may influence and be influenced by the management system, analysing carefully both the risks and the possible opportunities.

The Company also values the environmental aspects concerning its products and activities through the analysis of the supply chain, the use of its products and their final destination (Life Cycle Perspective).

The strategic line is based on the following principles and general goals:

Full respect of all laws, norms and voluntary regulations;
Respect of applicable conformity obligations;
Fulfilment of the company’s relevant stakeholders’ needs/expectations;
The client’s central role, going beyond the expectations of the market, working to satisfy the client’s implicit demands and spreading the company concept of “global service”;
Improvement of the company’s organization towards less bureaucracy, high dynamism, human resources’ enhancement and awareness;
Focus on environment and safety in the company development strategy;
Maximum effort in building a relation of partnership with the customers, increasing the market share but respecting the commitment to the customers, the quality of the products and the terms of delivery;
Attention to the workplace environment, health and safety, as a preventive and not only as corrective action, for the continuous reduction of nonconformities;
Open collaboration with all interested parties to manage the problems connected to the workplace environment, health and safety protection;
Constant improvement of the business processes, focusing on the operators’ health and safety, preventing any potential risks;
The staff training and the supply chain development, to spread the culture of quality, the respect of the environment, safety and health on the workplace, contrasting any discrimination based on race, religion, or personal ideology

The Board of Directors, to pursue these goals, applies measurable indicators, appropriate programmes, and specific aims, to improve and to build a winning company that wants to grow with pride.

The Board of Directors trusts this message, sent all collaborators, customers and stakeholder, will be appreciated with good attitude, because believing in this project and pursuing it, is in itself an ambitious goal.

Calderara di Reno, 22/02/2019 The Board of Directors