Code Éthique

codice etico


It is the responsibility of each worker to consult their supervisor for any clarification concerning the interpretation or application of the rules of conduct contained in this Code of Ethics or other directives issued by the competent departments of SIBO.

All persons, within the organisation, are bound to the strict observance of the Code of Ethics as non-compliance constitutes a breach of the “Model of organisation and management” adopted pursuant to art. 6 of Legislative Decree no. 231/01.

Basic elements of the Code of Business Ethics

The protection of the environment and the health and safety of workers in the workplace is a principle of great significance and cultural importance, especially following the implementation of several European sector Directives.
SIBO, fully sharing the principle, aims to “work safely” and with respect for the environment, that is to ensure compliance with the rules and the adoption of “safe” preventive behaviors for the benefit of the protection of persons and of the environment.
SIBO thus guarantees the protection of the environment, the physical and moral integrity of its employees, working conditions that respect the dignity of individuals and workplaces that are safe and healthy, in full compliance with current regulations relating to the environment and the prevention of accidents at work and the protection of workers.
SIBO also carries out its activities in technical, organisational and economic conditions that ensure adequate environmental protection and accident prevention and a healthy and safe work environment.
SIBO is committed to promoting and consolidating among all of its employees a culture of safety and environment, developing awareness of the risks and encouraging safe and responsible behavior by all employees.

Risk Prevention

Because of the joint activities of prevention and the organisational structure, SIBO has adopted a system of delegation of powers and functions, allocating, in explicit and specific terms, tasks to persons with suitable skills and expertise. In relation to the extension of the powers delegated, the company adopts and implements an organisational and integrated management model within the Management System implemented that is certified that provides appropriate measures to ensure the conduct of activities in accordance with law and the rules of behavior of this Code and to promptly detect and eliminate possible risk situations.

In particular, the company is committed to:

– eliminating or, when not possible, to reducing any risks to health and safety and to the importance of applicable environmental aspects;
– identifying the environmental impacts and risks that cannot be avoided and planning a suitable control program;
– coordinating and collaborating with customers and with contract/subcontract companies for the overall security and safety of assets;
– adapting equipment and workplaces and facilities to the relevant provisions of law;
– providing adequate personal and collective protective to workers;
– imparting appropriate instructions to workers and providing periodic update training in the field of protection of health and safety and the environment;
– monitoring the implementation of measures of prevention and protection adopted and the behavior of workers, in order to prevent accidents, injuries and occupational diseases;
– monitoring the implementation of the measures adopted and behaviors in order to prevent environmental crimes;
– complying with the relevant legal obligations relating to the environment and the protection of the health and safety of workers;
– working only with qualified suppliers.

Workers, similarly, will ensure compliance with the following rules:

– behaving in accordance with the regulations, procedures, guidelines and standards established by SIBO and this Code of Ethics;
– avoiding dangerous behaviors for themselves or for others;
– complying with the orders indicated by superiors or by the Employer;
– immediately reporting to their superiors any anomaly, critical issue or other dangerous situation of which they become aware during work;
– complying with duties and with the operational responsibilities assigned ;
– paying close attention to the activities or instructions regarding Prevention and Protection;
– collaborating, with responsible behavior and in compliance with the company regulations, in the event of an alarm for an emergency situation;
– participating with attention and involvement in the training activities organised;
– undergoing scheduled health checks;
– acquiring full knowledge regarding the implementation of the Integrated Management System adopted, collaborating with the figures responsible for the achievement of the objectives of prevention.
– reporting to the Supervisory Body any situation or problems that may, directly or indirectly, pose a danger to the environment or to the health and/or safety of workers or impair the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System.

Employees/suppliers must also ensure compliance with the following rules:

– behaving in accordance with the regulations, procedures, guidelines and standards established by SIBO and this Code of Ethics;
– compliance with the terms and conditions governing the relationship between the parties;
– in the case of tender, work or administration contracts, compliance with the instructions of prevention resulting from the activities of cooperation and coordination between the parties.


SIBO has adopted specific rules for compliance monitoring of behaviours, of the Company or anyone acting in its scope, with respect to the requirements of applicable law, the rules of conduct of this Code and of the Integrated Management System.
Anyone who becomes aware of any violation of the Code of Ethics is required to immediately inform the Supervisory Body.


The entire organisation, from the Employer/Legal Representative to workers within the various company roles, must jointly implement and be involved in the pursuit of shared objectives and in compliance with the rules established, as any individual behavior that is not ethically correct or safe could have negative consequences on the environment and on the protection of health and safety. Compliance by workers of the Code is an essential part of the contractual obligations pursuant to art. 2104 of the Italian Civil Code.
Breach of the Code by staff may constitute a breach of the primary obligations of employment or be considered a disciplinary offence, with the consequences of the law as specified in the Disciplinary Code.

Application of the Code

The Code of Ethics applies to the entire organisation of SIBO and is therefore binding on the conduct of all its employees.