politica aziendale


The SIBO management, in the context of the evolution and improvement of the company, is committed with its entire organization to improve its business processes and the quality of its products, simultaneously seeking maximum environmental efficiency and the lowest risk for health and safety in the workplace and to contribute, as an active subject, to the growing attention towards environmental and safety issues aimed at guaranteeing a development that reduces the negative effects on the environment and on humans.
To this end, to monitor and make its efforts efficient, Sibo decided to adopt an Integrated Quality Environment Safety System according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 and UNI ISO 45001.
The Integrated Quality Environment Safety Management System provides a global, process-based approach to the customer’s requirements and maximum commitment and attention to the environment and health and safety in the workplace with the aim of understanding the expectations of all parties and increasing their satisfaction.
Such a vision will allow Sibo to continuously improve the competitiveness on the market with « quality products » made to minimize any possible negative effect on the environment and people.
The Company undertakes to evaluate the territorial, economic, social and regulatory context, to identify the relevant factors and parties that can influence or be influenced by the management system and that can constitute compliance obligations for the company, therefore carefully analyzing any risks and consequent opportunities.
The company also assesses the environmental aspects related to its products and activities, also through the analysis of the supply chain, the use of the products and their final destination (Life Cycle Perspective).
The strategic line is based on the following general principles and objectives:
• full compliance with all mandatory laws and regulations and voluntary regulations;
• compliance with applicable obligations;
• satisfaction of the needs / expectations of the relevant stakeholders;
• recognition of the central role of its customers, by exceeding market expectations, striving to satisfy their needs and to transmit the corporate vision of « global service »;
• improvement of its structure aiming at reducing bureaucratization, developing friendliness, enhancement and awareness of the available human resources;
• improvement of its processes and products and constant search for the right balance between environmental impact, safety in the workplace and economic growth;
• inclusion of the environment and safety in its development strategy;
• consolidate the current Customers in a relationship between partners, enhancing / increasing the market share by respecting the commitments made with its customers, in particular the quality of the products and compliance with the delivery terms;
• attention to the environment, health and safety in the workplace, seen as prevention and not only as corrective actions for the elimination of subsequent non-conformities or mere legislative adaptation;
• open collaboration with all interested parties for the management of issues related to environmental protection and health and safety in the workplace;
• sharing and participation of workers in quality, environmental and safety policies, improvement projects, company management;
• the continuous improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes, focusing attention on health and safety for those who work there and for the site where the business is carried out, putting in place methodologies to prevent any potential risk;
• the growth at all levels of the staff and the involvement of the supply chain, in order to spread the culture of quality, respect for the environment and safety and soundness of the work environment, countering any intolerance based on race, religion, personal ideologies.
To pursue these objectives, the Management defines, in its global reviews, measurable indicators, appropriate programs, specific objectives and targets, capable of highlighting the ability to improve and build a winning company that wants to grow with pride.
The Management is confident that this message, launched to itself, to all Collaborators and disclosed externally, will be taken in the right spirit, because believing in this project and pursuing it, is already an ambitious goal in itself.

Calderara di Reno, 21/07/2020

The Board of Directors