“Innovation is not a process; it is more of a way of delivering on our purpose and how we do business. This means we put our customers at the center of our business.”

Rakesh Kapoor (CEO – Reckitt Benckiser)

Our primary goal has always been a continuous customer satisfaction: we are convinced that the best way to do this is to be, not just a supplier, but a partner able to listen, to processand to offer a real solution to problems suggesting a product that makes the difference.

The ​​Research and Development Area was established not only to test our products and offer more information about their life and about their function, but also to allow our customers to search for and identify new solutions together with our team of skilled engineers and qualified technicians to get the best solution in quality and develop a more competitive final product.

The ​​R & D department is supported by the continuous collaboration over the years with the University of Bologna, Mechanical Engineering and Chemistry Metallurgy Faculties.

Our team is at the complete disposal of our customers; do not hesitate to contact us!

customer + partner sibo = win product