Sibo has always been closely focused on market changes and its primary goal has always been customer satisfaction, an objective pursued by providing utmost cooperation, flexibility and transparency.

Sibo is a guarantee of:

Guaranteed QUALITY by:

• ongoing scheduled investments in cutting-edge technology
• use of special steel made to Sibo specifications.
• specific heat treatments suitable for refining the technical specifications of bushes to the utmost.
• certification of its integrated Quality-Environment-Safety management system, as a guarantee of a controlled production process that also safeguards worker safety and care for the surrounding environment .

Our SERVICE is backed by:

• utmost cooperation, flexibility and transparency
• wide availability of items and raw material in stock
• heavy investments in technical department extension
• a customer-dedicated Research and Development department which researches, from among prototypes and machinery in use, the best type of bush and that which offers the best value for money.

Purchasing a Sibo bush is a guarantee of RELIABILITY, an added value generated by:

Experience and professionalism: a family business that has been trading for over 35 years
Made in Italy: our bushings are always made with first choice material which does not change its characteristics from one batch to another
Competent company staff
Research and Development: Sibo has its own metallographic laboratory and 4 test benches to test its bushings combined with the skills to support the customer in the design of new bushings
Supply regularity (quality, delivery times, price)

- Quality Certificate
- Environment Certificate
- Safety Certificate